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The Reiki Levels 1&2 Basics
The ultimate simple & essential technique to self healing...

Reiki Group Workshop - Buddy Up!
Get connected to REIKI - the loving art of energy healing!
Learn how to send healing energy to yourself and to others, how to positively energise your future, clear your past energetic baggage, be surrounded in protective energy, and other enlightening stuff! Easy to learn. The class is in simple English.

Course: Reiki Energy Healing Basics Levels 1&2
Date: 21st May 2017 (Sunday 10am-4pm).
Venue: Lifeworks Holistic Centre, Penang.
Energy Exchange: RM380/student. If you bring a partner, you both qualify for the special 'Buddy' fee of RM300/student.
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The Vibe Cleansing Method
Start removing the human blocks and unleash your spiritual healing gifts...

What is the Vibe Cleansing workshop about?
VC is a series of progressive therapeutic meditations to help heal the emotional, mental and physical areas by using high divine energies in a dynamic and cohesive process. By releasing and clearing unwanted negative energies within, we open up space to create, attract and experience a more joyful life.

Who can join?
Anyone. Beginners to energy healing will benefit in knowing how to heal various aspects of their life, and more the experienced will have fun 'journeying' as they carry out transformative healing. Classes are in English and easy to understand.

How do I join these courses?
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