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Reiki LEVELS 1&2 Combined

To be held in Penang in AUGUST 2016.


RM650 single student.

RM550 group. 


Workshops are held in Penang & KL. We cater from individual lessons up to groups of 12 maximum.


Your facilitator, Stella, has been practising and teaching REIKI, as well as other energy healing tools, for around 10 years.


Her workshops are relaxed and fun, while giving you all the necessary tools to start you on your way to self-healing.

Beyond Reiki...

The 3-Step Healing Meditation Method

Sunday 24th JULY 2016, Penang


An effective way to release emotional & mental 'baggage' that is influencing your health, daily experiences & goals.

LIVE Workshop: 19th June 2016 (Penang)

Course Fee

RM330 (Group)

RM650 (Single)

What is this workshop about?
VC is a series of progressive therapeutic meditations to help heal the emotional, mental and physical areas by using high divine energies in a dynamic and cohesive process. By releasing and clearing unwanted negative energies within, we open up space to create, attract and experience a more joyful life.

Who can join?
Anyone. Beginners to energy healing will benefit in knowing how to heal various aspects of their life, and more the experienced will have fun 'journeying' as they carry out transformative healing. Classes are in English and easy to understand.

General Course Outline (10am to 2pm)
A)Understanding the Vibe Cleansing concept of of ego-soul energy alignment, healing & creating.
B)Building & using the 3-Step VC process:
  1. Divine Source Field - Triple Cleansing of the Heart, Mind & Body
  2. Harmonised Intention - Multi-Directional Life Transformation
  3. Healing Essence - General/Spot Healing of Yourself & Others
C)Q&A and final tips of VC use.

How do I join?
Email us at:  reikipenang@gmail.com

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